Standardized Marketing Intelligence (SMI)™

What we do. Every organization is at a different point on their journey. Whether you are a Global Enterprise, a start-up dreaming big – or somewhere in between – setting a solid analytics foundation matters.

Our SMI solutions improve the quality of marketing analytics data by focusing on data capture & flow.

From decisions to experiences, quality data is of the utmost importance.

Construktion | What We Do - Spot gaps, break points & optimization opportunities

Point-of-entry -> Connected across the ecosystem.

Innovative companies know that when activity data enters your ecosystem, it can be enriched with business intelligence that will help power personalization. Segmentation, persona, demographic and psychographic (non-PII) data can be passed from outside the org to inform dynamic personalization signals.  

Inbound Intelligence - cloud

When inbound traffic drives back to the website, intelligence can be passed into and aligned with website / app analytics. Custom engagement tracking and the dataLayer can be leveraged to enrich to enhance device-level and user-level profiles.  


The secret to success is the consistent capture & flow of quality data. Data governance paired with educated teams (internal & external) and clearly defined processes will keep the ecosystem integrity intact.

Did you know that all website metrics are not created equal? Even if multiple websites in your ecosystem are all using Google Analytics, each one can be set-up and configured differently… skewing BI portfolio and roll-up reports without realizing it. 

Governed with Process

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We specialize in configuring, connecting and optimizing enterprise, unified analytics solutions.